CG Khadya Rasad Vibhag Ration Card ❤️ Check New 2023 List

CG Khadya Ration Card List, Khadya Rasad vibhag, viewing and downloading the ration card lists, applying for a new ration card and other related information are available in this article.

After reading this article, People residing in the Chhattisgarh state can easily…

  • Check their name in the CG Khadya ration card list.
  • Apply for a new ration card.
  • Download the complete list of all ration cards in their area.
  • Check the Ration Card Status in Chhattisgarh state.
  • Find ration card information according to district, village, town, Caste, and category.
  • Find fair price shop and shopkeeper information.

If you are looking for the above information, you are at the right place. Check all updated information in this article. इस लेख को हिंदी में पढ़े

If you have a ration card in Chhattisgarh state then you are eligible to get food items at a very low subsidized price. Chhattisgarh government also runs different schemes such as

  • Chief Minister’s Food Assistance Scheme.
  • Antyodaya Anna Yojana.
  • Annapurna scheme.
  • Supply of food grains to welfare organizations.
  • Refined Iodized Amrit Salt Distribution Scheme.
  • Gram distribution scheme.

Various types of foods such as wheat, rice, salt, oil, etc are distributed to poor families through these schemes across the state. If you also want to get the food supply through the Chhattisgarh public distribution system then you must have a ration card.

CG Khadya Rasad Vibhag Ration Card List 2023

CG Khadya Ration card list is issued by the NFSA (National Food Security Act, 2013). NFSA ( shares this list with the Chhattisgarh state. All people in Chhattisgarh state can view the ration card list on the official website

If you live in the Chhattisgarh state and applied for a new ration card or if you already have a ration card and just want to check your information then you can follow the below steps to view and download the Chhattisgarh ration card list.

  1. Open the official website
  2. Go to the Citizen Interface web page
  3. Go to the Ration card beneficiaries page
  4. Select your district
  5. Select your development block/municipal corporation.
  6. View the ration card list for your shop
  7. View your ration card
  8. Download the ration card

Let’s check out the all steps in detail.

1. Open the official website

Chhattisgarh residents can visit the official website of the Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Protection Department, Chhattisgarh at

Khadya CG Nic homepage

2. Go to the Citizen Interface web page

There is a Citizen Interface link available on the left sidebar. Click this link to visit the Citizen Interface web page or visit the direct link

Citizen interface web page on Khadya CG website

3. Go to the Ration card beneficiaries page

On the Citizen Interface web page, click the “Brief Information Of Ration card beneficiaries” link on the left side in the “PDS: RationCards” section.

District-wise list of ration cards on cg khadya website

4. Select your district

Now you will find a list of all districts including the list of total ration cards for Antyodaya, Destitute, Annapurna, Priority, Disabled, and APL (General Family) for both rural and urban areas.

All the Ration cards in this list are issued under Food and Nutrition Security Act 2012 and Chhattisgarh Public Distribution System (Control) Order 2016.

You will have to click the Ditrict link in the first column.

Ration card list according to block and urban body

5. Select your development block/municipal corporation.

You will find a separate ration card list for the development block and urban body. Click the development block or urban body link to open the list for that location.

Ration card list of Bakavand block

6. View the ration card list for your shop

You will find a list of all fair-price shop numbers and shop names for the development block/ urban body you have selected in the last step. If you know the name of the shopkeeper or shop number then you will find the number of ration cardholders that are getting food supplies from that shopkeeper.

Now click the numbers under the type of ration card you currently have.

ration card list of your shop in chhattisgarh

7. View your ration card

Now you will find the ration card list including the below information.

  • Ration Card Number
  • Family Head’s Name
  • Father’s/Husband’s Name
  • Gender
  • Card Type
  • Address
  • Shop Number

You can now easily find your Ration Card on this page. To view the complete information about your Ration Card, click your ration card number in the first column.

Full details of Chhattisgarh ration card

8. Download the ration card

Once you click the ration card number, your ration card information will appear on the screen. You will find ration card information and Information about the family members of the head of the ration card holder.

You can download an Excel or PDF file of your ration card on this page. Click the Excel or PDF/Print link in the top right corner and download a copy or take a printout.

Chhattisgarh ration card print dialog box

What type of Ration Card information is available on CG Khadya Portal?

Chhattisgarh residents can find the below-mentioned information on their ration cards on the CG Food Portal.

1-Full details of ration card:

  • Ration Card Number: It’s a unique identification number assigned to each ration card.
  • Name of the Family Head: The family head name which is responsible for managing the ration card and food supply in the home.
  • Father’s / Husband’s name: Name of father or husband (in case of a female head).
  • Caste / Cadre: This refers to the cast of the family.
  • Card type: Different types of ration cards are issued in Chhattisgarh states such as Antyodaya, Destitute, Annapurna, Priority, Disabled, and APL (General Family).
  • Ration card color: The color of your ration card. It may be different based on the benefits the family receives.
  • Shop No.: It is a unique identification number assigned to your shop where you receive food every month.
  • Address: Your permanent address which is registered in the Department of Food Civil Supplies.
  • Head’s bank account information: You can find the bank account information of the family head registered with the ration card to receive EBT cash transfer benefits.
  • Bank account verification information: If the bank account is verified by the concerned officer then that verification-related information is available here.
  • LPG connection information: It shows the information about any LPG connection if the family is using it or not.
  • Mobile number information: If the family head’s mobile number is verified then that information will be available here.

2-Information about the family members of the head of the family:

Citizens can find the below-mentioned information of all family members available on the ration card.

  • Names of Members: It includes the total number of ration card beneficiaries in a family and their names.
  • Age: The age of all members will be listed here.
  • Relationship: It shows the relationship of each family member with the family head listed on the ration card such as Husband, Son, Daughter, etc.
  • Aadhaar Status: It shows if the Aadhaar number has been verified and corrected during the verification process.

Also read,

How to apply for a new ration card Online in Chhattisgarh?

If you are residing in Chhattisgarh state and want to make a new ration card then you will have to submit your application to the

As per the Public Service Guarantee Act, new ration cards will be made within 30 days.

Ration Card fee in Chhattisgarh:

Citizens will have to pay a Rs 10 fee for the General APL Ration Card application. For other types of ration card applications such as BPL Ration Card, Antyodaya, Destitute, Handicapped, etc there is no fee.

Important information:

  • Applicant must be a citizen of Chhattisgarh state.
  • The applicant must not have any other ration card in Chhattisgarh.
  • The name of family members must not be added to any other ration card of any district in Chhattisgarh.
  • Applicants must have all the documents that verify all the information written by the applicant in the application form.
  • Applicant must have a working phone number.
  • Bank account information will also be required.

Documents to be submitted:

Below mentioned documents must be submitted along with the application form.

  • Ration Card application form.
  • Declaration / Affidavit for new Ration Card.
  • Latest passport-size photo of the head of the family.
  • Copy of the first page of the bank passbook.
  • Photocopy of the Aadhaar Card of all family members for Address verification. If an Aadhaar card is not available then Passport, Voter ID card, PAN card, Driving license, or any proof issued by the Tehsildar can also be submitted.
  • Additional documents will be required for a BPL, Antyodya, and other types of ration cards such as caste certificates, income certificates, etc.

New Ration Card Application:

Step 1: First of all, Arrange all required documents as mentioned above.

Step 2: Download the Ration Card Application Form PDF file from the below inks.

Citizens can also get the application form directly from the Khadya Vibhag Chhattisgarh office or they can also submit an application on plain paper if the concerned officer allows them.

Step 3: Fill out the Ration Card Application form and paste a passport-size photo.

Step 4: Visit the municipality office or gram panchayat office and submit your application and all required documents to the Competent Officer of the Local Urban (Municipal) Body or Gram Panchayat.

Step 5: The concerned officer in Khadya Vibhag will verify all the information and documents you have submitted. After the verification, the officer will add your name to the ration card list.

This entire process of issuing a new ration card will take a maximum of 30 days. You can also check if your name has been added to the Chhattisgarh ration card list with the help of the steps given above in this article.

How to add a new member to the ration card in Chhattisgarh?

To add a new member, you need the below documents.

  • Photocopy of ration card where you want to add a new family member.
  • Photocopy of the Aadhaar Card of the new family member.
  • Photocopy of the Voter ID Card (EPIC Card) if the member is an adult or birth certificate.
  • Bank account information of the family head or family member.
  • Passport-size photo.
  • The new family member must declare that his/her name is not available on any other ration card.

Download the ration card application form from the link given above or get one from the Municipal or Gram Panchayat office and fill it out.

Submit your application and Declaration/Affidavit and all the required documents to the office. The new member’s name will be added after the proper verification.

What type of ration cards are made by CG Khadya NIC IN in Chhattisgarh?

Different types of ration cards are made according to different types of benefits Chhattisgarh citizens receives. For the identification purpose, these ration cards are of different colors. Below mentioned type of families receives a different type of ration card.

  • Antyodaya Parivar – As per the Chhattisgarh Food and Nutritional Security Act., Antyodaya ration cards are given to special vulnerable social groups of the state.
  • Priority family – Priority ration cards have been issued to landless laborers, marginal and small farmers, and workers registered under the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act, 2008, and the Building and Other Construction Workers Act, 1996.
  • Single destitute family – Single destitute (gray) ration cards have been issued to single-destitute pensioners under the Chief Minister’s Food Assistance Scheme.
  • Annapurna Family – Annapurna (blue) ration card has been issued to the destitute elderly who are eligible to receive old age pension but are not getting the benefit of old age pension, under the Chief Minister’s Food Assistance Scheme.
  • Disabled beneficiary family – Disabled ration cards are issued to disabled people in the state under Chief Minister’s Food Assistance Scheme.
  • APL (General Family) – General ration cards are issued to the rest of the families (income taxpayers and non-income taxpayers) except Antyodaya Parivar, Priority Parivar, and Chief Minister Food Assistance Scheme families.
Type of familyColor of Ration CardTotal issued ration card (as on 1 January 2021)
Antyodaya ParivarYellow Ration Card14,03,753
priority familyRed Ration Card43,18,331
single destitute familyGrey Ration Card38,657
Annapurna FamilyBlue Ration Card6,106
disabled beneficiary familyBlack Ration Card10,577
APL (General Family)White Ration Card9,47,492


Department of Food, Chhattisgarh government is committed to offering complete transparency and encourages the participation of poor families in the ration card distribution system.

If still there is any kind of issue or complaint, citizens can call to Food Department at 1800-233-3663 or 1800-233-1967 phone number.

Important links:

CG Khadya Portal website
Citizen portal
View Ration Card Details
Brief Information Of Ration card beneficiaries
Village/Ward Wise Ration Card Information
Fair Price Shop Wise Ration Card Information
District Wise Ration Card list
Caste/category-wise ration card Information
Total Fair Price Shop Range Of Total Ration card District Wise


Name of the portalCG Khadya Rasad Vibhag Portal
Service offeredChhattisgarh Ration Card List
Download modeOnline
Service chargesNIL
BeneficiaryCitizens of Chhattisgarh state

Frequently asked questions

How to View Ration Card Details by Ration Card Number?

Visit the Citizen Interface web page of the Department of Food, Civil Supplies Consumer Protection Chhattisgarh. Click the “View Ration Card Details” link under the “PDS: RationCards” section.

On the next page, enter your ration card number and press the Search button.

It shares some additional information such as Entry Date, District, Gram Panchayat / Ward, Urban / Rural area, Name of Revenue Village, etc.

How to find Fair Price Shop information in Chhattisgarh state?

Visit the Citizen Interface website and click the “List Of Fair Price Shop” under the “PDS: Fair Price Shop” section.

You may also visit the direct web page
On the next page, select your District in the drop-down menu and press the Search button.

You will see a list of all Fair Price Shops including the below information.

The ID of U.M.D.
Operating Agency
Name of Village
Name of V.Kh.
Name of Salesman
Name of Sarpanch/Corporator

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