Cleveland Clinic May Charge up to $50 for Mychart Messages from November 17 2022

Now patients will have to pay up to $50 for sending messages to their provider through the Cleveland Clinic Mychart portal, which Cleveland Clinic posted on its website. This extra charge will be applied to provide valuable care to all patients.

Are all messages chargeable?

There is some type of messages that require the use of clinical expertise and the time of the provider will not be free. Patients will be charged and Cleveland Clinic will bill to patients’ insurance provider. Some types of general questions will be free such as.

  • If a patient sends a message to book an appointment.
  • Messages about prescription refills.
  • If the patient has any general question that leads to an appointment.
  • Messages about any previous issue that your provider already knows.
  • A follow-up message about your treatment.
  • Any general question that does not require any clinical expertise.

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What types of messages are chargeable?

There are some messages that require some clinical time That generally take more than 5 minutes and will use the provider’s expertise will be chargeable. Below are some examples of those types of messages where patients will have to pay.

  • New medications for patient
  • If a message asks about new symptoms.
  • Changes to a long-term condition.
  • If there is a long-term condition that requires care from Cleveland Clinic.
  • Requests to complete medical forms.

Based on this type of information, the provider will look for your medical history to suggest you a treatment plan that will be best suited for your health.

If you are not sure that your Insurance provider will offer the cover the cost of messages through Mychart, please contact your provider directly. Most Insurance providers cover Medical advice via MyChart.

How to send a message through MyChart

Please follow the below steps.

  • Visit the Cleveland Clinic Mychart portal or mobile app.
  • Login to your account.
  • After login, click the Messages option.
  • Select your provider from the list.
  • Type your message and click the Send button.

This article has been published by Cleveland Clinic. Check the article for more details.

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