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How to check Gram Panchayat Activity Report and online planning report on the portal? How to find the activity information and access the Approve Action Plan Report? Check all updated information in this article.

e-Gram Swaraj Planning Module

The Planning Module is developed to share different types of planning and activities-based reports with PRIs. You may access the Planning dashboard page with the help of the below steps.

You can also visit the Planning dashboard page directly at

How to access Approve Action Plan Report?

It is a module under the Planning dashboard page. You may check the Action Plan Reports with the help of the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the Planning dashboard page. You will find four types of reports on this page.

  1. Planning
  2. Reporting
  3. Asset
  4. Orientation details

Step 2: Click the Planning link to open its sections.

Planning report dashboard page on egramswaraj portal

Step 3: Now click the “Approved Action Plan Report” link. You may also visit this page directly at

Approved action plan report page on

Step 4: Select the Financial Year and verify the captcha code. You will see the state-wise Approved Action Plan report for the financial year you have selected.

Step 5: Now click the link under the “District Panchayat & Equivalent”, “Block Panchayat & Equivalent”, or “Village Panchayat & Equivalent” to view the required report.

Step 6: On the next page, click the “Total Approved plan count link” for the “Block Panchayat & Equivalent”.

Step 7: You will see a Village Panchayat-wise list including “Village Panchayat Code”, “Plan Code”, and links to “View Plan”, and “Download Document”.

Approved action plan information 2022-23

Step 8: You can click the View Plan link to view the below information.

  1. Plan Summary
  2. Sectoral View
  3. Scheme View
  4. Planned Activity Details

You can also download the plan document PDF file by clicking the Download button.

How to check the list of activities for GP?

  1. Visit the Planning dashboard page.
  2. Click the “List of Activities” link in the Planning section.
  3. You may also visit this page directly at
  4. Now select the Plan year, state, Panchayat level, and other information.
  5. Enter the given captcha code and press the Get Report button.
  6. You will see an activity report including Activity Code, Activity Name, Activity Cost, Activity Type, Activity Status, Activity Output, and Plan Type.
  7. Click the Download as Excel to download an Excel file or click the Print button to take a printout of this report.

Reports available on the Planning dashboard page:

You may view the below type of reports in the Planning section.

  • Village wise Gaps Of Gram Panchayat Report
  • Asset Category-wise Activity Report
  • Approved Action Plan Report
  • Pending Action Plan Report
  • Sector Wise Activity Status Report
  • Activity Wise Expenditure Details Report
  • Plan size Report-Scheme Wise
  • List of Activities
  • Resource Envelope List
  • Report on SectorWise Mission Antyodaya Gaps Addressed
  • Mission Antyodaya Survey(State Wise)
  • Activity Details Report
  • Theme-wise Activity Master Report
  • Theme Wise Activity Report

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