Connect Other Clinics Medical Records to Parkview Mychart

Patients at Parkview Health can connect their medical health records from other organizations to Mychart and view them after logging into the Parkview MyChart account.

All your health records are now available in a single place and are easily accessible anytime anywhere through an online website and mobile app.

Parkview Health shared a tweet also on their X social media handle @ParkviewHealth on March 31st, 2024. Parkview Health said in the tweet, “With MyChart, you can connect your medical records from different organizations and the information from those organizations will appear right in your Parkview MyChart account.[1]

In the tweet, patients can find a link to their official website blog page where they have shared detailed information about how to connect health records of different organizations to Mychart and view them organized in a single place Parkview Mychart.

In their blog post, Parkview Health shared, “By linking accounts, you have a bird’s eye view of your entire healthcare journey. No more juggling between different portals or struggling to piece together information in different places – MyChart streamlines your experiences, putting you in control of your health. Whether you’re receiving care from multiple providers or seeking services from different healthcare systems, MyChart ensures that your medical records can be centralized, accessible, and shareable from one convenient location.[2]

Parkview Health also shared, “With Parkview MyChart, your health isn’t just a series of disconnected appointments – it’s the different chapters of your healthcare journey coming together into a single story of care.”

Please follow the below steps to link all of your MyChart accounts together to create a unified view of your healthcare.

Step 1: Login to Parkview Mychart

  • Open the Parkview Mychart login page.
  • Enter your Mychart username and password.
  • Press the ‘Sign In‘ button to access your account dashboard page.

Step 2: Connect another provider account to Parkview Mychart account

  • After login, you will be directed to the account dashboard page.
  • You must see a notification similar to “have you received care at ……? Create a link to see all of your information in one place.
  • You can also search the ‘Link Health Accounts‘ OR ‘Connecting and sharing‘ option.
  • Now click the appropriate option to start the account linking process.
  • You will see a list of all visited organizations.
  • You can also search the organizations that you have visited in the past.
  • Once you find your past organization, click the ‘Link account‘ button.
  • Verify your account by entering your social security number or through any other method.
  • Your previous organization will be linked to the Parkview Mychart account after the successful verification.

Patients can view the linked accounts tab to view the other organizations.

Video Guide About Mychart Account Linking

For more details and official information, please check out the below video shared by Epic on their YouTube channel[3].

How to Sign Up for the Parkview Mychart?

If you are a new patient then you must set up your Mychart account to get access to all the online features and services including online appointment scheduling, e-visits, prescription refills, sending secure messages to providers, access to lab test results, viewing Billing Account Summary and statement, pay bill, etc.

There are three ways to create a new account[4].

1-By using an activation code:

Parkview Health shares an activation code through the After-Visit Summary after your first visit to any Parkview clinic. You may also get a letter including your Mychart activation code. Once you get the activation code, please follow the below steps.

2-By using an Activation link:

If you have scheduled an appointment then you may automatically receive an instant Activation link when you check in or you may also request an activation link through text or email.

Once you get the activation link, click the link and set up your Mychart username and password.

3-Online sign up:

If you don’t have any activation link then you can use the online sign-up facility. Visit the Parkview Mychart Online Sign-Up page. Fill out all the demographic details. After that, a third-party provider will verify your identity[5]. After the identity verification, you can register your Mychart account. Please note that this online sign-up process takes around 7 days to complete.

Without an activation code or link – You may sign up online without a code or link. Return to this page and click on the SIGN UP FOR MYCHART button.

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