EPDS Bihar Gov In: How to check Ration Card New List 2023

EPDS.Bihar.Gov.In Ration Card List 2023 | What is EPDS Bihar and how do check the Ration Card status? How to view the new Ration Card list in Bihar on the EPDS portal?

What are the benefits of this portal and what type of services and facilities it provides to Bihar citizens? Check all new updates in this article below.

What is EPDS Bihar?

EPDS.Bihar.Gov.In or in short “EPDS Bihar” is an online website managed by the Food and Consumer Protection Department of Bihar State. It is used to issue new Ration Cards in the Bihar state. Citizens can access important services such as tracking the Ration Card status, checking the new Ration card lists, searching names in the ration card database, etc.

ePDS Bihar provides an online system where citizens of Bihar can view the new Ration card list and apply for a new ration card. Search. It works on a state-based distribution system asPDS which is also known as the “Aadhaar Enabled Public Distribution System”.

aePDS is used to manage the distribution of food to eligible individuals through the public distribution system. It is an online platform that helps in the distribution of food grains and other items at subsidized rates to the PHH and Antyodaya families and controls price, black marketing, and hoarding of essential commodities.

How to check EDPS Bihar Ration Card Status?

Citizens of Bihar can check their ration card status by visiting the official website of EDPS Bihar at epds.bihar.gov.in. Visit the EPDS Bihar website and click on the RCMS Report link in the left menu options. Select your district, rural or urban area, block or town, gram panchayat, and village. Your EPDS Bihar Ration Card Status will be displayed on the screen.

EPDS Bihar Gov In Ration Card List 2023

Now there is no need to visit any office of the Bihar government. Bihar citizens can view their ration card list and check their ration card status from home through the official website.

If you want to search the full list and find your name then we are sharing a step-by-step process to view the complete list of all districts of Bihar state.

Please follow the below steps

Step 1: Open the EPDS Bihar Website

The first step is to open the official website on your browser. You can open a web browser on your device and type “epds.bihar.gov.in” and press enter.

You may also click the https://epds.bihar.gov.in/ link. It will open the EPDS website in a new browser tab.

EPDS Bihar official website

Step 2: Click the RCMS Report Page

On the official website, click the RCMS Report link located on the left sidebar. It will open a ration card list search facility (as shown below)

Ration card search page on the EPDS Bihar website

Step 3: Select Your District

Now you can select the district in which you want to see the ration card list. Please use the drop-down menu and click the district name.

You will get Rural and Urban options. Since the Bihar ration card list is organized for the Urban and Rural area separately so you will have to select any one option here. If you are from a Rural area then click the Rural link or click the Urban link if you are from an Urban area.

Step 5: Select Your Block/Town

In this step, you will have to click the Block name if you have selected the Rural location in the previous step. If you have selected the Urban area in the previous step then click the Town name.

Step 6: View the Ration Card List

For Rural area: If you are searching for the Rural area and already selected the Blockname, click the Panchayat name. On the next page, click the Village name. you will see a complete list of all ration card holders in that Village.

For Urban area: If you are searching for the Urban area and already selected the town name, click the FPS (Fair Price Shop) owner name. A list of all ration card holders will display on the screen that comes under that shopkeeper.

Step 7: View the Ration Card Details

Now that you got the complete list of ration card holders, you can see the Ration card number in this list. If you click the Ration card number, details of the ration card holder for that ration card number will be displayed on the screen. You will find below mentioned information.

  • Ration card no
  • card type
  • Cardholder name
  • address
  • Mobile number
  • Name of fair price shopkeeper
  • Details of family members (including cardholder)
    • Member’s name
    • Father’s name
    • Age
    • Relationship with chief

Step 8: Download the Ration Card PDF File

On a single ration card detail page, there is a print link available on the bottom side. Click the Print button to open the print-out screen. Choose the destination “Save as PDF” and click the Save button. The ration card PDF file will be saved on your device.

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How epds.bihar.gov.in works?

EPDS is a Bihar government website which is managing the RCMS Bihar (Ration Card Management System) also known as Jan Vitran Ann (JVA). RCMS Bihar several important services to citizens, department employees, and administrators to manage the overall ration card management through this system.

Citizens can send their applications for a new ration card, check the status of their ration card, and get a complete list of all ration cards for any location in the state. RCMS Bihar software also helps citizens to surrender their ration cards or modify existing information.

Benefits of EPDS Bihar

EPDS Bihar is a user-friendly system that provides easy access to all the ration card-related information and services to Bihar citizens. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

The Ration Card Management System has several benefits, including:

  1. Convenience: There is no need to visit any government office physically, The new EPDS Bihar online system allows all eligible families to easily apply for, modify, or surrender their ration cards.
  2. Fast processing: Since the system is working through a streamlined process so sending an online application and final delivery of a ration card has become very fast than the previous offline system. Now in a few days, you can get your ration card after submitting your application.
  3. Improved accuracy: The software helps to reduce errors in the management of ration cards, ensuring that families receive the correct amount of food and essential items.
  4. Increased transparency: The online platform provides a clear and accessible record of the ration card-related database such as the number of new applications, the total number of issued ration cards, ration cards surrendered, etc. It improves transparency and accountability in the overall public distribution system.
  5. Accessibility: The platform is user-friendly and accessible to those who are eligible for assistance through the National Food Security Act, including those who may not have access to traditional government services.

Overall, the EPDS Bihar Ration Card Management System provides an efficient and convenient solution to ration card approval, printing, and delivery and ensures that every needy citizen in Bihar gets the deserved food supply at the right time.

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How to Print Ration Card on the EPDS Bihar Portal?

Please note that this facility is available only for the Department & District Level User. By using this facility, all employees from the department who got their SDO login credentials can log in to the RCMS Bihar portal and print Rashan cards to deliver to citizens who have been approved for a new ration card by the government or if any ration card modification application approved by the Bihar government.

Please follow the below steps:

  • Visit the official website https://epds.bihar.gov.in/.
  • Click the RC Print link on the left menu bar.
  • On the next page, you will see a login form for the department users.
EPDS Bihar Ration Card print login page
  • It’s an SDO login, you will have to enter your User ID, Password, and given security code.
  • Press the Login button to access your account.
  • Now you can print the Ration card for the Bihar citizens who have been approved or requested for modification.

How to log in to RC (Ration Card) Issue System on Bihar EPDS?

RC issue system login link is also available on the EPDS Bihar website. Department users can log in through their login credentials and issue new Ration Cards. Please check the below steps to access the RC system module.

  • Visit the official website https://epds.bihar.gov.in/.
  • Click the RC System link on the right sidebar.
  • A login page will appear on the screen.
  • Enter your User ID, Password, and security code and log in to your account.

EPDS Bihar Frequently asked questions

How to get a Ration card number from EPDS Bihar?

To get the ration card number, you will have to apply for a new Ration Card. You can submit an online application on the EPDS Bihar web portal or you can also apply offline. To apply you may follow the simple steps given below.

-Visit the official website https://epds.bihar.gov.in/.
-Click the “Apply for Online RC” on the Bihar EPDS website in the right side menu.
-It will redirect you to the RC Online Bihar government website.
-Now click the Login link to open the MeriPehchaan web portal login page.
-Login by using any login method.
-After login in, you can submit your ration card application online.

How to check the new ration card list in Bihar?

We have shared a step-by-step process above in this article to view the complete list of the Bihar Ration Card. Please follow all steps carefully and download the complete list.

What services EPDS Bihar portal provides?

There are several helpful services offered by the EPDS Bihar portal. Some of the services are available for Bihar citizens and some services are only accessible to the department users. Please have a look below at the important services offered by this portal.

Services for citizens:

-Check the new Ration card list.
-Search name in the Ration card database.
-Apply online for a new ration card.

Services for department employees:

-Print Ration Card
-Issue new ration cards.
-Different types of login links are available to access different departmental services.
-Links for other portals and services are also available such as Suo Motto Deletion, RC Admin Login, FPS Management, Food & Consumer Protection Department, Bihar, Aadhaar Enabled Public Distribution System-AePDS

How to log in to EPDS Bihar website?

The login facility on the EPDS Bihar website is available only for government-designated officials who are working to issue new ration cards, make corrections to the ration card and verify all the details in the ration card.

To log in, the officials of the department can use their user ID and password by visiting the official website https://epds.bihar.gov.in/.

We have shared all relevant information about the EPDS Bihar web portal. How this portal works and how Bihar citizens can take benefit from the Ration Card Management System. Please let us know if this article helps you to find the information you are looking for.

Please share this post with others if you find this article helpful. You may also share your suggestions in the comment section below. Finally, thanks for reading this article.

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