My FVTC Blackboard Login – Fox Valley Tech: 2024 Update

If you are a Fox Valley Technical College student and looking for the My FVTC Student Account and Blackboard login-related information then you are at the right place. In this article, we are sharing step by step guide which will help you to easily access your Blackboard and student account.

We are also sharing the account recovery and troubleshooting steps. Students can also find features and benefits of the Blackboard portal and mobile and how they can use those features.

Fox Valley Tech Blackboard Login

Fox Valley Technical College offers online learning to its students through digital mediums. Students can access courses and study materials online by using any internet-enabled device.

To provide the digital learning solution, Fox Valley Tech got the license to use the Blackboard Learn product. Blackboard is available through a web portal and mobile app and students can use any medium as per their preferences.

FVTC website homepage

The main benefits of the Blackboard are that all the courses and study materials are updated on a real-time basis and students can access everything without any delay.

Students must have their Blackboard account if they want to access their courses, class schedules, assignments, academic communication, etc.

Another main advantage is that instructors can create a customized version of their courses and upload them on FVTC Blackboard.

Students share their feedback through the Blackboard portal and Instructors use those feedbacks to improve their teaching method.

FVTC Blackboard Login

Whether you are enrolled in hybrid classes or complete online classes, your classes will be managed through the Blackboard Learning Management System.

To log in, visit the FVTC Blackboard login page, select the Student/Staff Login option, and enter your FVTC ID and password to access your Blackboard account.

Let’s check out the complete account access-related information below.

Login requirements:

  • The recommended web browser to log in to Blackboard is Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Please use the latest version of the browser.
  • Please ensure seamless internet connectivity.
  • Students must have their FVTC ID and password.
  • The device must be secure and trusted.

Login steps:

Students can follow the below steps to access their Blackboard account.

  1. Visit the Official FVTC Website.
  2. Open the FVTC Blackboard Login Page.
  3. Enter Your Login Credentials.
  4. Access Your Blackboard Account.

Let’s check out the step-by-step details in a simple way.

Step 1: Visit the Official FVTC Website.

The first step is to visit the official website of the Fox Valley Technical College. Click the link to open the FCTC homepage.

Step 2: Open the FVTC Blackboard Login Page.

On the homepage, click the CURRENT STUDENTS link on the top side. After that, click the Blackboard link on the next page.

Blackboard link on FVTC website

The blackboard login page will appear on the screen. Alternatively, students can also visit this page directly at

Blackboard page on FVTC website

Now click the Student/Staff Login link to open the login page for the students.

Step 3: Enter Your Login Credentials.

Once you see the student login page for the Blackboard account(as shown below)

FVTC Blackboard login page

You can enter your 9-digit ID (example: [email protected]) and password. The username and password are the same as that you use for your MyFVTC account.

Step 4: Access Your Blackboard Account.

After entering the correct login credentials, you can easily access your Blackboard account dashboard page. You can now access your classes, and course contents and submit assignments.

FVTC Blackboard Mobile App Login

Students can download the Blackboard Learn mobile app developed to provide easy access to classes.

Direct download links:

Students can click the direct links below to download the mobile app.

PlatformDownload linksCurrent version
AndroidClick here8.9.0
iOSClick here8.9

Students can also search the mobile app on the Play Store or App Store app on their smartphone.

How to Login into the mobile app?

  1. After installing the app, open it on your smartphone by tapping the app icon.
  2. You will have to search for your institutions.
  3. Type, Fox Valley Technical College, and search.
  4. Click your educational institution link to open the correct login page.
  5. Now you can access your account by entering your login credentials.

My FVTC Login

All students must have their MyFVTC account to access all the important information and academic services. Students can log in to their My FVTC account and access their grades, transcripts, etc. Students can enroll in online classes, manage their schedule, and update their personal information such as contact details and address.

My FVTC account offers secure access to your personal information. If you want to apply for admission then also you will have to create a new MyFVTC account.

To log in, please follow the below steps.

  • Visit the Fox Valley Technical College website at
  • Click the Current Students link on the top bar.
  • On the next page, click the MyFVTC Account link.
  • A login page will appear on the screen (as shown below).
MyFVTC account login page
  • Enter your FVTC ID and Password.
  • Click the Sign In button to access your account.

My FVTC Dashboard:

After logging in to your account, you will see different tiles where you can access the below services.

  • Profile
  • Tasks
  • Financial Aid
  • Financial Account
  • Manage Classes
  • Academic Records
  • Academic Progress
  • Admissions
  • Help and Resources.

You can click any link and access that service.

How to register for classes through the MyFVTC account?

Please follow the below steps to register for classes.

  • After login to your MyFVTC account, click the Manage Classes link.
  • Click the Class Search / Add to Cart link on the left sidebar.
  • Select your term.
  • Now you can search for classes by using keywords, catalog number, or course title.
  • You can also click the Add Class by Number link to add classes directly.
  • After searching, you can narrow the results by using the filters available on the left side.
  • Now select your course on the right side.
  • You will see a list of classes for the course you have chosen.
  • Click the arrow on the right side to register for a class.
  • Review all the information and click the Next button in the top right corner.
  • Click the Add to Cart button.
  • After that, click the Shopping cart link on the left side and click the Enroll button on the right side.
  • Complete the registration process and make the payment.

Account Recovery

How to recover the FVTC ID?

If you forgot your ID then you can recover that by following the below steps.

FVTC ID recovery page
  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Birth Month and Year.
  • Click the Find button to search for your account.

How to reset the password?

FVTC password reset page
  • Enter your FVTC ID and click the Continue button.
  • You will receive an email on the email address registered with your account.
  • Click the password reset link in the email and create a new password.

Note: All three FVTC accounts Email, Blackboard, and MyFVTC use the same password. If you forgot your password then you will not be able to access all three applications.

FVTC Blackboard Features and Services

Blackboard offers a variety of services that students can access and use after logging into their account. Some of the important services are mentioned below.

Check your Grades:
Students can log in and check their Grades through the grades link located on the left side of the Blackboard dashboard page once they are available. Students can check the great for the courses they have enrolled in.

Send an email:
A Messages link is available on the left sidebar that allows students to send a secure message to the instructor.

A calendar link on the left sidebar allows students to check the important events and schedules. Click the calendar link and access your schedules anytime.

My courses:
My courses link on the left sidebar shares the information about the courses students have enrolled in. These courses are prepared by the instructor and the instructor uploads these courses on the Blackboard account so that all the students can access these courses.

Activity stream:
If a student wants to check the latest notifications and activities related to their classes then an activity stream link is available on the left sidebar. Click this link to check your activities, notifications, and events all in a single place.

FVTC Student Email and Office 365 Login

If you have recently get admission to the Fox Valley Technical College then you will receive an email address. This email address is very important for these students. All the important communication and announcements related to the Academics will be sent to students through their University email ID.

Some of the important information such as class registrations campus activities, college guides, financial aid, etc. information to the student’s email address.

When a student completes the admission process, an application acceptance letter is given to the student that includes the university email address. In your email address, the characters before the “” is your student ID (ex: [email protected]).

How to log in to the student email account?

Student Helpline

For any type of account access or troubleshooting-related help, please send an email to [email protected] or call 920-735-5644.

For Blackboard-related assistance, please call 920-735-4816 or send an email to [email protected].

Blackboard Support Current Hours of Operation:

  • Monday-Thursday: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00am – 11:00am
  • Sunday: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Visit the below links for Blackboard-related help resources:

FVTC website
FVTC Academic Calendar
FVTC Library
FVTC Locations
Tuition and Fees

Fox Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College has started its journey 100 years ago and since then committed to providing world-class occupational training to students. The occupational training is well aligned with the high-tech needs of the current workplace requirements. Students have the option to choose from 200 programs and start their career journey.

FVTC’s primary focus is on providing skills-based education to 2,74,000 enrollments every year through over 500 programs delivered through 16 college districts.

Current statistics:

FVTC Graduates Employment Rate93 %
Average Starting Salary for FVTC Graduates after 6 Months$ 51,812
Graduate Employment for 74 FVTC Degree Programs100 %
Satisfaction Rating of FVTC Graduates96%

For more information, please check the 2023 Graduate Outcomes Report.


Name of the portalFVTC Blackboard and MyFVTC student portal
Offered byFox Valley Technical College
Developed forStudents studying at Fox Valley Tech
Access modeOnline
PurposeTo provide a digital medium to access classes and academic information
BeneficiaryAll enrolled students in Fox Valley Technical College

We have shared all the important information and a step-by-step guide to accessing the Fox Valley Technical College student account and Blackboard account. We have also shared important academic resources that will help students to find academic-related information. Accessing the online student account is very easy if you have your login credentials and know the correct way to access your account.

I hope this article helped you to find the information you were looking for. You may share your suggestions or questions in the comment section below.

Finally. thanks for reading this article. Please consider sharing this article if it is really helpful.

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