Walden Student Portal Login: MyWalden.edu 2024 Easy Access

Walden University Student Portal: How to log in to the student account at my.waldenu.edu? What are the benefits and key features of this portal that students can access?

We are sharing a complete overview of the My Walden student portal including login, account recovery, account sign-up, and troubleshooting tips.

What kind of precautions a student must follow while accessing the online Walden portal? We are also sharing step-by-step processes to access different services. Please have a look.

Student Portals have become a requirement for Educational Institutions these days due to digitization. Most of the Universities and School Districts have digitized their operations and used different types of portals such as Learning Management System (LMS), Student Information System (SIS), SSO portals such as ClassLink, etc.

These portals help universities and colleges to provide easy and convenient access to students and teachers/employees.

Walden University Student Portal

Walden University is also using many online portals that their students can use such as student portal, Blackboard LMS, Office 365, etc. Let’s check out the complete details about the Walden Student Portal and related information such as…

  • How to access the Walden University Student Portal?
  • What are the requirements and guidelines to access the student portal?
  • How to recover and troubleshoot common login issues?
  • How do I get help from the customer service team?
  • How to access different services from the student portal?
  • What are the features and benefits of this portal for students?

Let’s have a look below…

Walden University Student Portal

Walden University Student Portal is a web-based tool that was developed by Walden University to provide student-related services and information such as Blackboard LMS, Financial Aid, Registering or dropping classes, Official transcript, GPA, Grades, etc.

All students who have enrolled in any course at Walden University can access their student portal by using their login credentials.

Student Portal is the primary source of information for students and helps them find helpful resources, news, announcements, etc. It helps students valuable time and lets them focus on their studies instead of visiting different Walden offices to access any information.

How to log in to MyWalden Student Portal?

If you are enrolled in any Walden University course and already set up your student account then you can use your login credentials to access your student portal.

Walden University is using Microsoft services to manage its student portal. If you want to log in or reset your password then you will be redirected to the Microsoft website page. Please check the below-mentioned steps to log in.

There are two types of student portals available for students according to the learning method they opted for.

  1. MyWalden Student Portal – If you are enrolled in a course-based program, MyWalden is your student portal.
  2. Access MyTEMPO Student Portal – If you are enrolled in a competency-based program, MyTEMPO is your student portal.

How do students get their login credentials?

Once students enroll in any course, they get an email from the University including the login credentials, orientation, and other important information.

To log in, visit the My Walden Student Portal web page at my.waldenu.edu and click the Login button. On the next page, enter your student login credentials and access your student account.

We are sharing the complete step-by-step process to help students easily access their accounts.

Login requirements:

Walden recommended browsers – Walden University recommends using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access the student portal or Blackboard. Please update and use only the latest version of your browser.

Other requirements

  • Only enrolled students can access the student portal.
  • Students must have their username and password.
  • A secure device and a good internet connection will be required.

Login steps:

  1. Visit the Official Walden Website.
  2. Open the Student Login Page.
  3. Open the MyWalden Student Page.
  4. Open the Login Page.
  5. Access Your Student Portal.

Below we are sharing the full description of each step.

Step 1: Visit the Official Walden Website.

The first step is to visit the official Walden University website. Please open the web browser on your device and visit https://www.waldenu.edu/.

Step 2: Open the Student Login Page.

On the homepage, you will find a Login link in the top bar. Click the Student link under the Login option.

Student login link on Walden University homepage

You will see the MyWalden and MyTempo student portals link on the next page.

Step 3: Open the MyWalden Student Page.

MyWalden and MyTempo Student portals link on Walden University website

Click the Access MyWalden Student Portal link to open the student page (as shown above). My.walden.edu student page will appear on the screen (as shown below).

my.waldenu.edu web page

Step 4: Open the Login Page.

On the My Walden student page, click the Login button. Student Login page will appear on the screen (as shown below).

my.waldenu.edu student login page

Microsoft is managing all accounts of Walden University that’s why you will find a Microsoft Powered login page.

Step 5: Access Your Student Portal.

In the login form, enter your Walden University email address and click the Next button. On the next page enter your password and click the Sign In button to access your account.

You will be redirected to your student dashboard page which shows you the important information and links to access other academic services.

Does MyWalden Student Portal use the Multi-Factor Authentication Login?

Yes, The Multi-Factor Authentication is enabled for all student accounts. You will have to set up the Multi-Factor Authentication to provide an extra layer of security on your account.

Walden University recommends using the Microsoft Authenticator app to enable MFA. First of all, download the Microsoft Authenticator through the below links.

You can also search for the app on Google Play or Apple App Store.

After installing the app, you can set up the Multi-Factor Authentication. Please follow the below steps.

Note: Please complete the first part on a computer and the second part on your smartphone because you have to scan a QR code.

First part:

  1. Login to your myWalden portal on your desktop/laptop.
  2. Locate the My Account section from the left navigation menu.
  3. Click Password from the My Account section, then click MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).
  4. You may see a “more information required” message, if so, click Next.
  5. Select the Mobile app for your contact method and set it to: “receive notifications for verification”.
  6. Click the Set-up button to open the Configure Mobile App screen.

Second Part:

If you have already installed the Microsoft Authenticator app, Tap the app icon to launch it.

  1. Tap on the ‘+’ sign on the top right to set up a new account. 
  2. Select “Work or school account”. 
  3. Scan the QR code image on the Configure mobile app window shown on your computer (In the first part). You may have to give the app permission to use the camera on your phone.
  4. The app displays a six-digit code when your account has been added. Next, from your computer, choose ‘Next’ in the Configuration mobile app window to verify your configuration. 
  5. Wait a minute until the setup is completed and confirmed on the verification setup screen. Once confirmed, click the ‘Next’ button. 
  6. The system will verify your account by sending you a notification to your phone. Tap Approve on the notification received.
  7. Wait for the confirmed verification on your computer. 
  8. Once verified, you are done! 

The next time you need to go through the MFA process you will only need to approve the notification prompt from your smartphone. 

Note: You can also use the SMS option instead of the mobile app while setting up the MFA. You will then receive a security code through an SMS that you will have to enter to authenticate your login.

Walden University MyTempo Student Portal Login

There is another student portal MyTempo that students can use. It is specifically available for students enrolled in competency-based programs.

What is Tempo Learning?

Apart from the regular courses, Walden University also offers Tempo learning programs and students can choose any one out of 25+ programs and specializations.

Tempo learning offers complete control and flexibility to complete a program. Students can choose their schedule and take an assessment without any set deadline.

It is especially beneficial for working individuals who need flexibility and manage their classes at their convenience.

Walden mytempo.waldenu.edu student login process

Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the Walden University website and click the Student Login link in the top bar.
  2. On the next page, click the “Access MyTEMPO Student Portal” link.
  3. A mytempo.waldenu.edu login page powered by Microsoft will appear on the screen.
  4. Enter your student email address and password to access your MyTempo classes.

Walden Student Mobile App login

As of now, there is no official mobile app launched to access the student portal. Although other Walden apps are available such as the Walden Companion app, Residency app, event app, etc, the student portal-specific app is not available currently.

Students can download the Walden Companion App to keep track of important information directly such as your courses, assignments, grades, etc.

Direct download links:

Students can click the direct links below to download the mobile app.

PlatformDownload linksCurrent version
AndroidClick here1.0.9
iOSClick here1.0.9

After downloading the app, log in to your account and check your current progress.

Student Account Recovery – MyWalden Portal

It is possible to forget the account login credentials as people need to manage multiple accounts. Walden students can use the self-service options to recover their accounts if they are getting the wrong login credentials error.

Please follow the below steps.

How to recover the Username?

Once you complete the enrollment process to join Walden University, you will get an email on the email address that you have entered in the enrollment form. In that email, you can find your Walden student email address.

You will use this university email address to access different university applications including your student portal.

If you have accepted the admission offer and did not receive the email or your email has been misplaced then please contact your Enrollment Specialist at 1-866-492-5336.

You can also take the chatbot help by clicking the chat link in the bottom right corner. Ask for username recovery help and share the Last 4 digits of your SSN, Date of Birth, Phone Number, and Personal Email email address.

How to reset the student password?

The password reset process is very easy. Please follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the MyWalden student portal.
  2. Click the “Go to Password Reset” button.
  3. On the next page, enter your University email address and captcha code.
  4. Press the Next button.
  5. Authenticate your account by using the authentication method you have set up.
  6. After the successful authentication, you can create a new password for your account.

Walden Student Portal Features and Services

Walden University Student Portal offers a variety of services and information to students that students can access from their accounts. Some of the important services that students can access are mentioned below.

Salient features:

  • Access your classroom
  • Register for class
  • Manage your finances
  • Find current courses and completed courses information through the dashboard page
  • Connect with your student success advisor in case of any help through the contact details available on the right side of the dashboard page.
  • Find other university resources and services

Help section:

There is a help section in the top right corner. If you click the help link, you can access the below-mentioned details.

  • Live chat support
    Access the chat facility anytime in case of any kind of help or resource you need.
  • Schedule an appointment
    Schedule appointments such as customer care appointments, student success advising, career center, and writing center
  • Student support center, academic skills center tutoring services, financial services, etc.
  • Walden answers
    Go to Walden Answers, ask any question, and get the answers through other members.
  • Dashboard tours

Notification section:
Access the latest notification through the notification link available at the top right corner.

Message section:
Check the latest messages in your inbox through the message link at the top right corner.

Search section:
There is a search box available at the top bar where students can search documents, emails, meetings, answers, etc.

Menu section:
Access the below-mentioned University links through the menu section at the top left side.

  • Quick links
    Links for My Finance, My Information, My Education, Blackboard, and Office 365 are available in this section.
  • Academic resources
    Catalog and student handbook, Meditrek, Library, Student success advising team, writing center, and explore all resources links are available in this section.
  • University services
    Walden bookstore, career services, customer care team, etc links are available in this section.
  • Registration
    Register for class/ View degree audit, View registration or drop a class, Self-registration directions, Register for class, and View Degree audit links are available in this section.

Walden Student Library:

Students can access the Walden Library after logging into their myWalden student portal. On the student dashboard page, click the “Walden Library” link in the “Academic Resources” section. You will be redirected to the Library website.

Students can also visit the Library website directly at academicguides.waldenu.edu/library. Here you will find a collection of helpful academic resources that all enrolled students can access 24/7. Google Scholar is also connected to the Walden Library to provide additional resources.

How to Login to Blackboard through Walden Student Portal?

Walden University is using the Blackboard Learning Management System to provide online learning facilities to its students. All students will use the Blackboard to manage their classes, attend online classes, submit assignments, and contact the instructor.

Students can log in to Blackboard LMS through direct login, through their student portal, or through the BB Learn mobile app.

How to access Blackboard through the student portal?

Please follow the simple steps below.

  1. Login to the MyWalden student portal.
  2. On your student dashboard page, click the Quick Links section to open it.
  3. After that, click the Blackboard link.
  4. After that, click the Go to Class link to view your course content.

You can also search for the Blackboard app in the search bar on the top side. You can also find the Blackboard link through the Quick Links icon just after the search icon on the top right side.

How to log in to Meditrek From the Student Portal?

Students can log in to Meditrek from their student portal to track, and manage the practicum experience.

  • Students can log in to their MyWalden student portal.
  • On the MyWalden dashboard page, click the Academics tab in the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Click the “Field Experience” option.
  • Click the “Login to Meditrek”.
  • Access your account.

Students can also visit the Meditrek login page https://edu.meditrek.com/waldenu/student and use their university email address and password to access their account.

For more information and help, students can call to customer care team at 1-800-925-3368.

How to Request an Official Walden Transcript?

Students can request an official Walden transcript through their student portal. Please follow the below steps.

  • Login to your myWalden Student Portal.
  • Go to “Records & Registrations” from the left-hand menu.
  • After that, select “Request Transcripts”.
  • After that, select the “Official Transcript” option.

Where can I review my GPA (Grade Point Average)?

Students can check their GPA through their student portal on their unofficial transcript. Please follow the below steps to access your GPA.

  1. Visit the myWalden Student Portal and log in to your account.
  2. On the left sidebar, click the Support option.
  3. After that, click the “View Unofficial Transcript”.
  4. After that, check your Grade Point Average.

How do I Access my Walden e-mail?

Students will get a free Office 365 account to access their email. Please follow the below steps.

  • Visit myWalden student Portal and login into your account.
  • On the top right side, you will see an email icon.
  • Click this icon to launch the Office 365.
  • If you are logging in for the first time, select your language and time zone.
  • You have successfully logged in to your Office 365 account.
  • You can now check your inbox.

Students can also set up their accounts on mobile devices with the help of the below links.

How Students Can Access Their Grades?

To access Grades, students can log in to their MyWalden student portal, visit your courses, visit your classes, and go to “myGrades” inside your classroom.

You can also access your class through any other way and then click myGrades.

How to Register for a Course?

Students can register for their courses through their student portal accounts. Course registration facility is available approximately 90 days before the start of class. Students will also get the facility to make any course changes up to 3 days after the start of class.

Course registration steps:

  1. Visit myWalden Student Portal and log in to your account.
  2. On the left sidebar, select “Records and Registrations”.
  3. After that, select “Register for a Course”.
  4. Complete the registration process.
  5. Students can also check the Academic Calendar for add or drop periods.

Program Requirements:

If students want to review their program requirements then login to myWalden Student Portal and click the Program Information on the left sidebar navigation menu. After that click the Requirements option.

MyWalden Student Help Desk

In case students are facing technical difficulties while accessing the MyWalden student portal or navigating the Blackboard classroom, dedicated Technical Support is available 24/7 to help students.

  • Students can call 1-800-925-3368, select the “Technical Support” option, and follow the on-call instructions OR
  • Send an email to [email protected] OR
  • Click the “Live Chat Support” under “Help” on the upper right side of your myWalden portal. You will have to share your Walden University Email, the Last 4 of your SSN, Date of birth, and Phone Number if you want to speak with a live agent.

Walden University Mailing Address:

  1. Walden University Office of Admissions: 7080 Samuel Morse Drive, Suite 100 Columbia, MD 21046, USA
  2. Walden University Academic Offices: 100 Washington Avenue South, Suite 1210 Minneapolis, MN 55401, USA

Walden University Phone Number:

1-United States:

About Walden1-866-492-5336
Current Students1-800-925-3368
Financial Services1-800-925-3368
Alumni Relations1-877-235-3561

2-International Students:

Asia (Including Australia)+1-443-627-7222
Caribbean (Including Puerto Rico)+1-443-627-7222
Central America+1-443-627-7222
Middle East+1-443-627-7222
North America+1-443-627-7222
South America+1-443-627-7222
United Arab Emirates+1-443-627-7222
Walden University websitehttps://www.waldenu.edu/
Academic Programshttps://www.waldenu.edu/programs
Tuition and Financial Aidhttps://www.waldenu.edu/financial-aid

Walden University

Walden University was started in 1970 by two teachers and accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 1990. Walden University does not have a physical campus and offers online programs only to 115+ countries worldwide.

Students can apply for any program such as Doctoral Degrees, Master’s Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees, Education Specialist, Certificate Programs, and Non-Degree Options in different streams.

In 2021, Adtalem Global Education Inc. acquired Walden University. Apart from Walden, the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Chamberlain University, EduPristine, Ross University School of Medicine, and Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine are also owned by Adtalem Global Education.

The flexible online programs help students to complete them at their convenience by using either Course-Based Learning or Tempo Learning.


Name of the portalMy Walden Student Portal
Offered byWalden University
Developed forStudents studying at Walden University campuses
Access modeOnline
PurposeTo provide an online learning and communication medium to all Walden students
BeneficiaryAll enrolled students at Walden University
Official websitewww.waldenu.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Common Student Portal Account Troubleshooting Tips?

There are a few troubleshooting tips students can follow before taking the customer service helpline.

i. If students are not able to access their student portal then the first step is to clear the browser cache and cookies. Cache and Cookies store previous login information in the browser that may cause conflict with your current login session.

ii. Check your internet connection and ensure that it is properly working. A slow internet connection may cause login issues.

iii. Please double-check your username and password and ensure you are entering the correct login credentials.
iv. Please check the website address and make sure to visit the official student portal address only which is https://my.walden.edu/.

v. Always use supported web browsers to open the student portal website. Walden University recommends using the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

vi. Finally, if the above troubleshooting tips do not resolve your issue, please take the help of the Walden student helpline.

How to Drop or Withdraw from a Course

Students will get 7 days to drop a course before starting the classes. Students can drop their courses from their student portal. The below steps will help students to drop a course.

i-Login to your myWalden student portal.
ii-Click the “Registrations” option.
ii-Check the academic calendar for add/drop periods. If you have passed the drop period for your course, you can still request a course withdrawal which will result in a “W” grade and may have a financial impact.

If you need any assistance from the Student Success Advisor then click the “help” icon on your student portal or send an email to [email protected] to withdraw from a course.  

How to order books from Walden University Bookstore?

Students can order their course-related books through the Walden Bookstore.

-Visit the Walden student portal and log in to your account.
-On the account dashboard page, click the University Services option on the left sidebar and choose the Walden Bookstore option.
-You will be redirected to the Walden Bookstore website.
-Search for books by terms and course.
-Click the Add to Cart button.
-Click the Proceed to Checkout button after adding all books.
-Click the Check Out Now button.
-Make an online payment by using a credit/debit card or (if located in the US) PayPal to remit your funds directly to the MBS bookstore.

Students can also visit the Walden Bookstore directly at https://bncvirtual.com/waldenonline

How can I contact my student success advisor?

You can contact your success advisor through the student portal.

-Log in to My Walden Student portal.
-After login, click your profile picture at the top right side.
-You will find the email address, contact number, and name of your student success advisor.
You can get help related to your education needs.

How can I change my Walden student portal password?

Please follow the below steps to change your student portal password.

-Log in to your Walden Student portal account.
-After login, click the profile link at the top right side of your dashboard page.
-After that, click the Update Your Password link.
-Enter your current password and create a new password.

How can I schedule an appointment through the Walden student portal?

Students will be able to schedule an appointment related to different areas through the Appointment scheduling system of Walden University. Please follow the below steps.

-Log in to your Walden Student portal account.
-Click the Help link on the top right side of the student portal dashboard page.
-Click the Schedule an Appointment link.
-You will be redirected to the appointment page where you can schedule an appointment to get help related.
Customer care – Tech
Student Success Advising
Career service appointment
Writing center appointment
Academic Skills Center Tutoring services
Financial services appointment, etc.

-Click any one section that you want to schedule an appointment for.
-Select a date and time from the available slots and book your appointment.

How can I find my Walden student ID number?

You can find your Waldent student ID number through the MyWalden student portal. You can also take a printout of your ID card. Please follow the below steps.

-Login to myWalden student portal.
-From the menu link in the top left corner, go to the My Account section.
-Click the Print Student ID link.

The convenience and flexibility offered by Walden University to complete online programs have made it very popular among students worldwide. Since Walden is an online-only University, its student portal has become a valuable tool for students.

Walden Student Portal helps students in different countries to find whatever they need related to their classes and online programs.

We have already shared complete information related to the MyWalden student portal such as how to access an online account, how to recover your account, and account troubleshooting steps. We have also shared how students can access their classes through Blackboard LMS.

Please let us know your views or suggestions in the comment section below. Finally, thanks for reading this article.

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