RXNT Software Login: Client & Patient Portal [❤️2024]

What is RXNT Software? How to log in to the RXNT client and patient portal and access all available services? What types of services and facilities are available for providers and Patients? Check all the latest updates in this article.

RXNT login

RXNT is a healthcare solution provider and offers cloud-based software for the healthcare domain. Some of the important software RXNT offers through its integrated system are Practice Management, Electronic Health Records, and Electronic Prescribing.

All providers and patients can access their accounts by visiting the official website. We are sharing a detailed login guide below. Please have a look.

Login requirements:

First of all, some login prerequisites need to be followed for a secure and smooth login experience.

  • Clients or patients can log in if they have their login credentials. First-time visitors can register online and get their username and password.
  • If using the web browser to access your account, make sure that the browser is updated to its latest version.
  • Also use modern browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, etc. These browsers provide good security and privacy-related service.
  • Please use only a reputed ISP that offers a continuous supply of internet service.
  • Use a trusted or personal device only to avoid any unauthorized access to your account.

Login process:

RXNT Patient login:

If you are a patient and want to access your patient account then you will have to log in to the RXNT Patient portal. We are sharing login steps below. Please have a look.

Step 1: Visit the official RXNT website and click the Patient Login link located on the top side.

Step 2: A Patient login form will appear on the screen (as shown in the below image).

RXNT patient portal login page

Step 3: Patients can log in and access their account dashboard page by entering their Username and Password in this login form.

RXNT Client/Provider login:

If you are an RXNT client then you will have to log in to a separate client portal. Please follow the below steps.

Step 1: Visit the RXNT website and click the Client Login link available at the top side.

Step 2: You will find a client login form in a new window (similar to the below image).

RXNT client portal login page

Step 3: Now use your login credentials such as your Username and Password to log in and access your client account dashboard page.

Mobile Apps (iOS & Android):

Different mobile apps are available for different types of RXNT healthcare software. Providers can download mobile apps from the official website or store apps for Android and iOS. Please check the below steps to download the official mobile app.

  • Visit the official RXNT website.
  • Move down the page and visit the footer section or navigate to the Software menu item.
  • A mobile app link is available at both places.
  • Click the Mobile app link. A mobile app page will open where information and download links for all mobile apps are available.
  • Click any app link and download the app on your smartphone.

Direct download links:

Direct links to download the different mobile apps are available below. Just click the link and download the app.

PlatformPlatformDownload linkCurrent version
Charge Capture
iOSClick here4.48
RXNT Check-IniOSClick here2.7
RXNT HospiceiOSClick here2.28
MyRXNTiOSClick here1.4.1
Charge Capture
AndroidClick here5.65
RXNT Check-InAndroidClick here1.1
MyRXNTAndroidClick here1.4.1

RXNT login through the mobile app

Client and patient can also access their accounts by logging in to the mobile app.

Patient login through the MyRXNT mobile app:

  1. Once you have downloaded the MyRXNT mobile app, open the app on your smartphone.
  2. A login form will appear on the mobile screen.
  3. Enter your patient username and password and tap the Login button to access your account.
  4. After login, patients can also implement a fingerprint scan or facial scan to log in to their accounts.

Client login through the RXNT mobile app:

There are different client apps for different tasks. We have already shared all the app details above.

  1. After downloading the app, Open the RXNT mobile app.
  2. You will see a login form on the mobile screen.
  3. Enter your client username and password and tap the Login button to access the client account.
  4. Set up a fingerprint lock facility to log in to the mobile app with just a fingerprint scan.

RXNT pricing

Customers can purchase an a-la-carte software package or a fully-integrated product suite. Currently, four types of plans are available for customers.

PlansPricing (Monthly)Pricing (Monthly)
Full Suite$170 per provider$1,890 per provider
EHR Bundle$100 per provider$1,080 per provider
PM Bundle$75 per provider$810 per provider
E-PrescribingNot available$650 per provider

Some services need to be subscribed to separately. Please have a look below.

  • EPCS
  • Payment Processing
  • Lab Interface
  • Patient Reminders
  • Immunization Interface
  • Direct Email
  • Electronic Fax
  • Print Statements
  • Print Claims

Other pricing-related information:

  • Customers will save 10% on the yearly plan.
  • Electronic prescribing is available only with a yearly subscription plan.
  • Software setup and all data transfer will be done by the technical support team of RXNT and there will be no extra charge for this.
  • Clients will also get the necessary support and proper training during the implementation period.

Note: For more details, please speak to the sales team at 800-943-7968 option 3 or send an email to [email protected]

RXNT Customer Service

In case of any technical issues, product-related general information, or log-in or sign-up-related issues, please get all types of help through the below contact details.

Customer service phone numbers:

TypePhone numberEmail address
Support(800) 943-7968 options 1 & 2[email protected]
Sales(800) 943-7968 option 3[email protected]
AdvertisingJohn Malamphy
Phone: (443) 440-6038
[email protected]

Other contact details:


1449 Whitehall Rd
Annapolis, MD 21409
(800) 943-7968

Inquiry TypeEmail Address
Requests for Proposal[email protected]
Media Inquiries/Public Relations[email protected]
Career Inquiries[email protected]

Important links:

Official websitewww.rxnt.com
Terms and conditionsrxnt.com/terms-of-use
Privacy policyrxnt.com/privacy-policy
RXNT pricinghttps://www.rxnt.com/pricing/

About RXNT

RXNT was founded in 1999 by Randy Boldyga and since then they are providing world-class software solutions to the healthcare industry. With the help of the TXNT full suite of software, all healthcare services and tasks are now easily accessible through a digital medium.

All software solutions are using the latest cloud-based technologies and are easily accessible through a web browser and mobile apps. RXNT software suit can handle the complete patient lifecycle from the first interaction with the patient and recording patient health info, writing prescriptions, scheduling appointments, etc. 

Some of the popular cloud-based software RXNT offers are mentioned below.

Practice Management:
The Practice Management software module is very useful to manage all back-end administrative tasks. All staff members can use the cloud software to minimize time and costs and also provide better quality service to patients. Overall operations costs can be reduced by a huge margin.

Electronic Health Records:
RXNT Electronic Health Record (EHR) software offers an easy-to-use and efficient portal to manage patient data. It’s a cost-effective solution to provide a better communication medium between patients and providers.

Electronic Prescribing:
By using the E-Prescribing software, providers can easily share the prescription with patients through an electronic medium. E-Prescribing (eRx) software will help in better patient care by reducing administrative tasks and doctors will get more time to interact with the patient.

Billing Company Software:
Medical billing software will help to streamline billing and finances. Patients can pay their medical bills online and providers will get a complete overview of the bill payments, invoices, etc.

The telehealth module provides patients an opportunity to book an online appointment and Doctors can view and confirm the appointments. Doctors can interact with patients through digital mediums such as smartphones, laptops, and desktops. It’s a good option in case of minor illness.


Company nameRXNT
Started in1999
HeadquarterAnnapolis, MD
Chief Executive Officer, President, & FounderRandy Boldyga
Official websitewww.rxnt.com

Frequently asked questions

How to register a patient account?

Patients must register an online account if they want to access their medical records and book appointment, etc. Patients can register only if they received a PIN through email from their provider. Please check the below steps to register a new account.

1-Visit the official website.
2-Click the Patient Login link located at the top side.
3-On the login page, click the Register Account link. A registration form will appear on the next page.
4-Now, the patient can complete the registration process in the below-mentioned three steps.
a-Pin Verification
b-Registration Verification
c-Health Care Provider Authorization
5-Enter patient information such as First Name, Last Name, Date of birth, and Pincode provided by the physician.
6-Click the Next button and verify the registration details.
7-Click the Next button to submit the registration form for Health Care Provider Authorization.

How to register for a new client account?

Clients can create a new account through the official RXNT website. Please check the below steps.

1-Visit the official website.
2-Click the Client Login link located on the top side.
3-On the login page, click the Sign-Up link. A sign-up page will appear on the screen.
4-You will see different products and their pricing. Add products that suit your requirements and click the Continue button at the bottom right corner.
5-On the next page, add an add-on product and click the Continue button.
6-On the next page, you will see your cart including the RXNT software and add-ons you have selected. Click the Continue button
7-On the next page, you will see a signup and payment form. Customers can Sign up and create a new account and pay the total bills.

How does RXNT Patient Bill Pay works?

Patients can use the online bill payment facility on the official website to pay their medical bills. Please check the below steps to pay the required bill.

1-Visit the official website.
2-Click the Patient Bill Pay link located in the top bar.
3-On the next screen, enter the patient’s account number, date of birth, and last name and click the Submit button.
4-On the next screen, check the billing summary and complete the required bill payment process.

The account number, date of birth, and last name can be found on the statement page.

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