TMU (Ryerson) D2L Brightspace Login: Access Student Portal

How Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) (Formerly Ryerson) can log in to the D2L Brightspace LMS AND Student Portal? What are the Benefits, features, and services Ryerson D2L Brightspace and Student Portal offer?

What are the easy and secure steps students must follow to activate their student account and access their student portal? Access all the updated information in this article including the direct links to access different services.

New Update – December 26, 2022: Ryerson University has officially changed its name to Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). All associated accounts and portals have also changed to reflect the new University name.

Email addresses have been changed from to All changes will be made by the CCS and there is no action users have to take.

All emails that are going to the address will be forwarded to the new address. 

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) Student Portal

As we have shared above Ryerson University’s name has been changed to Toronto Metropolitan University and accordingly, the Ryerson student portal has been renamed to Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) Student Portal.

The old university website is now moved to the new website All different university portals such as the student portal, Brightspace LMS, Library, Application portal, etc have also changed.

Students can now access their online TMU student portal at

Toronto Metropolitan University website homepage

Student portal provides all academic, financial, courses, and learning services to all students. Students can log in to their accounts by using the new login credentials.

After login, students will be able to access their account dashboard page, which is a single-point source of all student’s requirements.

TMU Student Portal Login (Formerly Ryerson)

Now we know that we have a new student portal. Let’s check out how to log into your student account securely with a step-by-step process.

To log in, visit the TMU Student Portal Login page, click the ‘Log in to my.torontomu‘ link, enter your ‘torrontomu username‘ and ‘password‘, and click the ‘Log In‘ button. You will have instant access to your student account.

Students can follow the below steps to access their account.

  1. Visit the Toronto Metropolitan University Website.
  2. Open the Student Portal.
  3. Open the TMU Student Login Page.
  4. Login to Your Student Account.

Let’s have a look at how the above steps work.

Step 1. Visit the Toronto Metropolitan University Website.

Initially, students will have to visit the official website of the Toronto Metropolitan University. The official website is accessible at Open a secure web browser on your device and visit this link.

TMU website homepage will appear on the screen.

Step 2. Open the Student Portal.

On the TMU website, click the “my.torontomu” link on the top right side. Students can also visit this page directly at

My TorrontoMu web page will appear on the screen (as shown below).

mytorontomu web page on TMU website

Step 3. Open the TMU Student Login Page.

Now click the “Log In to my.torrontomu” link available on this page (as shown above). It will redirect you to the student portal login page (as shown below).

TMU student portal login page

Step 4. Login to Your Student Account.

In the login form, enter your torontomu username and password and press the Log In button to access your student account dashboard page.

After successfully, login, students will be able to access all available student-related services and features this portal provides.

Is TMU (Ryerson) using the Two-Factor Authentication?

Yes, Two-Factor Authentication is enabled for all TMU accounts including the TMU student portal, D2L Broghtspace, Microsoft 365 Apps, etc. 2FA was enabled to enhance the overall system security by introducing an extra authentication after entering the user login credentials.

The student portal is now accessible through two steps.

  1. First student will enter the username and password.
  2. After that student will authenticate the login through a mobile app push notification or other type of authentication such as a security code.

If you haven’t set up the 2FA yet then we are sharing easy steps to set up through an authenticator app.

If you want to set up 2FA through an authentication app then please follow the below process.

There are two parts to this process.

First part:

  1. Open your smartphone and download any authenticator app.
  2. You can download the Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator app.

Second part:

  1. Open a web browser on a desktop or laptop.
  2. Visit the portal and log in to your account.
  3. Visit the Self-Service section and click Personal Account.
  4. Click the Two-Factor Authentication link under the Security section.
  5. Click the Add mobile device under the Mobile Devices section.
  6. Select your mobile operating system from Android, iOS, etc.
  7. Click the Open and configure Google Authenticator.

Now you will have to scan the QR code from the authentication app you have installed on your smartphone. After the scan, verify it through a security code received on your authenticator app.

Your 2FA setup is completed at this stage. Now you will have to authenticate your login every time you are accessing your account from a new web browser or a new device.

Two-factor authentication may not be required if you are connected to the Toronto Metropolitan University network. It is advised that please don’t delete the authenticator app as you will be asked to authenticate your login every time.

TMU (Ryerson) Student Portal Login Troubleshooting

If you are facing any login issues then you may visit the login help page at URL.

All login issues have been explained on this page including detailed guidelines. Some of the common login problems you may face are mentioned below.

  • Your account is not activated yet.
  • You are entering the wrong password because your CAPS LOCK is on. Please check and disable CAPS LOCK.
  • You have forgotten your password.
  • Your username is incorrect. The username is the first part of your TMU email address. For example, if your email address is [email protected] then you will have to enter your name in the Torontomu username field.
  • There may be issues with your browser. Please clear browser cookies and cache and try again.

TMU Online Identity Activation

Once a student applies for any program at Toronto Metropolitan University, he will get an email on the personal email address entered while submitting the admission application including the current status and admission confirmation.

Students will also get instructions about how to activate their online account and create their Mytorrontomu username and password.

Now the first step that students must take is to activate their TMU online identity and create their TMU Student Portal login credentials.

Please follow the below steps to activate your account.

  1. Visit the online identity activation form.
  2. Enter your name, date of birth, and TMU applicant or student number:
  3. Press the Next button and complete the activate process by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. You will have to complete a few web forms during the activation process.
  5. Create your username and password.

Note: Your TMU student number is available in the admission acknowledgment email you got from the TMU.

The TMU online identity allows students to access a variety of University applications and portals such as…

  • email.
  • Computer labs and Library.
  • My.torontomu portal
  • D2L Brightspace learning system
  • MyServiceHub
  • TMU wireless
  • Website accounts
  • Online Library resources
  • Campus printing
  • Virtual Applications

Please note that you can not access your My Ryerson student portal until you activate your TMU online identity.

What is Ryerson D2L BrightSpace?

D2L Brightspace is an online learning management system (LMS) used by Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University). It provides students and faculty with a centralized platform to access course materials, communicate with classmates, submit assignments, and access grades.

Faculty can use the system to create and organize course content, manage assignments and assessments, and communicate with students.

It is a tool that allows professors to create online classes, post materials, assignments, and grades, and also allow students to access all the materials, submit assignments, and communicate with their classmates and professors.

How to log in to TMU (Ryerson) D2L Brightspace?

All current Toronto Metropolitan University students can access their D2L LMS account and access their learning-related resources. Login can be done in two ways.

  1. Login through the direct link.
  2. Login through the TMU student portal.

Login through the direct link:

Students can visit the direct login page at This link will be redirected to the TMU Single Sign-On login page. Enter your Torontomu username and password and access your D2L Brightspace account.

Login through the TMU student portal:

Students can log in to their and access the TMU’s Brightspace LMS by D2L. The D2L Brightspace link is available on the student portal dashboard page. Clicking this link will take you straight to the Brightspace dashboard page.

The link for the D2L Brightspace is also available under the Online Courses & Organizations menu.


As per the transition to new portals and applications due to the University name change, the TMU learning management system, D2L Brightspace will also implement a few changes. It will add the new university name, and new email addresses, and update all user accounts.

Now the Brightspace login web address has changed from to and D2L has also changed all old user email addresses to new email addresses.

How to login to My Ryerson portal video

Check out the below video CCS tutorial about how to log in to your Ryerson portal through my.ryerson. Dashboard features

Once you have logged in to, you can access different services and information including a link to access the D2L Broghtspace LMS.

The top menu provides direct links to Apps, Online Courses & organizations, MyServiceHub, and IT Help.


The MyServiceHub Student Center helps you manage all aspects of your academic, personal, and financial information at TMU (formerly Ryerson). For example:

  • View your timetable
  • Search for classes
  • add or drop classes
  • request an official or unofficial transcript
  • apply to graduate
  • View your grades and Academic Standing
  • View your fees and financial information
  • update your address, email, and phone numbers
  • register in a certificate program

Click the MyServiceHub tab in your My.torontomu dashboard menu. Please allow pop-ups.

Student Center:

Click the Student Center on the MyServiceHub dashboard.

Student Center page on TMU Student Portal

Student Center is the one-stop solution for all academic resources, finances, admission, and personal information. Students will find academic services below in the Student Center section.

  • Academics
  • Student Fees
  • Financial Aid
  • Personal Information
  • Admissions

Student Helpline

1-Brightspace by D2L support:

Please visit the support page at

Email support: You may send an email to [email protected]

Phone support: Please call the below phone numbers.

  • Faculty & Staff: 416-979-5000 ext. 556806.
  • Students: 416-979-5000 ext. 556840.

2-my.torontomu support:

For further assistance, please contact us using the below contact details.

Email support: Please send an email to [email protected].

Phone support: Please call the below phone numbers.

  • Faculty & Staff: 416-979-5000 ext. 556806.
  • Students: 416-979-5000 ext. 556840.

In-person help: You can also find help in person at Kerr Hall West, Room 71 (KHW-71).


What is My Ryerson student portal?

The Ryerson student portal is a website where students of Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University) can access their personal information, course schedules, grades, and other important information related to their studies.

The website can be accessed by logging in with a student ID and password. It is a platform to access information and services related to your student account, course registration, fees, and financial aid.

Login – Toronto Metropolitan University CAS

Central Authentication Service (CAS) is a single sign-on service that Toronto Metropolitan University is using. It allows access to all universities through an SSO login facility.

Anyone who has registered a TMU account can log in through the CAS web address and access all system services through a single login credentials.

Is my.torontomu Portal using the SSO Login service?

The my.torontomu Portal is a single sign-on online system for accessing various Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) web-based applications including online courses (Learning Management System), TMU’s Administrative Management Self Service (MyServiceHub), and TMU Library.

Login with your my.torontomu username and password obtained during the activation of your TMU online identity. Once activated, your username and password are ready to be used within 24 hours. To access the portal, visit

You may access the below services through a single login to My TorontoMu account.
D2L Brightspace learning portal
D2L Brightspace teaching portal
TMU Wireless
Self Service
Research Ethics

What is the new login web address for the Ryerson Student Portal?

The new web address for the Toronto Metropolitan University student portal is Previously TMU was known as Ryerson University and students were accessing their student portals through the web address.

Now this web address is also redirected to the new portal. Students can click the new portal link and access their account directly.

Please use the new URL only to access your Toronto Metropolitan University student portal in the future.

Students – Accounts – Toronto Metropolitan University
Students can find guidance and troubleshooting help for setting up their Ryerson online identity.

Applicants who have been formally admitted to a Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) program will convert to student status according to the following timelines:

Account Recovery – My Ryerson student login
To reset your password, please enter your torontomu username.

If you have any questions or experience any problems with the password reset process, please use our RMS Problem Form.

The portal is beneficial for all Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) students and provides them access to different systems such as D2L Brightspace, MyServiceHub, Google Apps, etc.

After login to their accounts, students can visit the Self-Service module and change their password, view their account information, manage security settings, etc.

We have shared all the important information about the TMU student portal in this article including how to securely access a student account, how to activate a new account, how to login to the TMU (Ryerson) D2L Brightspace account, and to access the student helpline, etc.

We have shared all the login and activation processes with a simple step-by-step guide. We hope this article will answer all the queries of the students that they are searching online.

Finally, thanks for spending your valuable time to read this article.

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