Shrewsbury Public Schools Parent Portal 2023: Easy Login

Shrewsbury Public Schools Parent Portal is an online tool developed for all parents to access student-related information. It’s a secure Gateway that parents can access by using their login credentials.

Shrewsbury Public Schools is using the Parent Portal developed by The PowerSchool. Parents can access useful resources such as course tracking, academic progress, student information, bus routes, grades and assignments, etc.

Let’s check out how parents can securely access their accounts.

Shrewsbury Parent Portal Login

Parents of all enrolled students can access their accounts if they have already registered an account and created their login username and password. Please check below the easy login process.

  1. Visit the Shrewsbury Public Schools website
  2. Click the Parent Portal/Schoology link just after the first image OR visit the direct link at
  3. On the next page, click the PowerSchool Parent Portal link OR visit the direct page
  4. On the next page, click the Click Here to Access the PowerSchool Parent Portal link to open the login page.
  5. You will see a login form on the screen.
  6. Enter your username and password.
  7. Click the Sign In button to access your parent account.

Parent portal direct login link: Visit the login page directly at

How to create a new account?

  1. Visit the parent portal login page at
  2. Select the Create Account option and click the Create Account link.
  3. Parents can also visit the registration page directly at
  4. Fill in all the required information.
  5. You will have to link your students with your parent account by entering their Access ID and Access Password.

How to recover the parent account?

In case a parent forgot the login credentials then the account recovery options are also available. Click the Forgot Username or Password? link on the Shrewsbury Parent Login page and recover your account.

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Shrewsbury Parent Portal Benefits

Parents get different types of benefits as mentioned below.

The Shrewsbury Parent Portal offers a high level of convenience by eliminating physical meetings, and phone calls, and parents can access crucial updates about their child’s education through their accounts. Information such as a child’s academic journey, course schedules, grades, assignments, and more are just a click away. This way parents are always well-informed and keep track of the child’s educational progress.

Academic Progress Monitoring:
Shrewsbury Parent Portal offers a child’s academic progress monitoring and parents can easily view the child’s test scores, report cards, and attendance records through their account. It helps to find the child’s weak areas and academic challenges that can be resolved later by parents or teachers.

The Shrewsbury Parent Portal saves a lot of time for both parents and school staff. By eliminating the manual paperwork and record keeping, all the information is now available in digital form in a centralized location. It reduces administrative tasks and improves communication between parents and teachers. Parents can focus more on their child’s progress.

Increased Parental Involvement:
Parents are now more engaged in their child’s education and easily check the academic information and progress. It allows parents to actively monitor all types of education progress engage and set goals, and provide proper guidance to help their children.

All the academic information of the child and parents are highly secured. Secure login systems have been implemented by PowerSchool to help protect sensitive data and avoid any privacy-related concerns. Parents can focus on their child’s education instead of worrying about the child’s data security.

Communication: The portal provides an effective and secure way of communicating with parents. parents can now easily access different communication features to connect with teachers and school staff more easily. Email, messaging systems, and other communication systems help parents to get the information they are looking for.

Bus routes, course tracking and many more other features are also available that parents can access after logging in to their parent account.


The Shrewsbury Parent Portal developed by PowerSchool is a one-stop solution for all parent resources. Parents can easily access their accounts by using the step-by-step guide given in this article.

After login parents can access all available resources and student-related information. This information will help the parent to make intelligent decisions to improve their children’s performance.

Student progress, grades, and assignment tracking are also available to help parents keep track class performance of their students.

Overall student portal is a valuable tool that parents can use anytime anywhere from a secure device.

Finally, please share your views on this article. Please let us know if you find this article helpful.

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