Socrative Student Login 2024: How to Join Quiz?

What is the Socrative Student portal and how to log in and access an online account? How teachers can access their accounts and create quiz-based assignments?

Check all the latest updates and step-by-step processes about the Socrative Portal in this article. We are also sharing the benefits and features of Socrative for students and teachers. Please have a look.

Socrative was started in 2010 with the idea to make a platform where teachers can connect with students by providing funny and engaging assignments and getting a real-time understanding of the student’s capabilities.

It is popular for making engaging quizzes based on previous student feedbacks that teachers can share with students and students can solve them and share further feedbacks.

Currently, Socrative is operating worldwide and has around 3 Million users. Socrative Apps is multi-platform supported and you can download the app on any device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Socrative Student Portal

Socrative is an online Student Assessment tool used to assess students’ learning performance through quiz-based interactive assignments. It allows teachers to create engaging quizzes that student loves and have fun while learning and participating.

It provides teachers valuable insights and data by monitoring student performance and also helps to evaluate the student’s learning capability while involved in engaging quizzes.

Socrative website homepage

Socrative offers different types of activities such as quizzes, polls, questions, etc.

Students can also share their feedback while submitting their answers. It helps teachers to evaluate their learning plan and make better quizzes and assignments based on student feedback.

Socrative Student Portal Login

To log in, visit the Socrative Student Portal login page at, type your Room name, click the Join button, Enter your student ID (if required), and access your class.

There is no need to create a student account. All you need is the Quiz join code that your teacher provides to you.

The step-by-step login process is given below. Please have a look.

  1. Visit the Socrative Website.
  2. Open the Student Login Page.
  3. Login to Student Account.

Let’s check out the details of each step.

Step 1. Visit the Socrative Website.

Open your web browser and visit the Socrative website at

Login link on Socrative website

Step 2. Open the Student Login Page.

On the homepage, click the Login link in the top right corner (as shown above). A login window will appear on the screen (as shown below).

Socrative login window

Now click the Student Login link in this login window. The student login page will appear on the screen (as shown below).

Socrative student login page

Step 3. Login to Student Account.

Enter your Room Name and join your quiz class. You may have to enter the Student ID if this is a private room.

Students can join public rooms automatically but if it is rostered then students need to enter their student ID which is provided by the teacher.

Socrative Student Login through Mobile App

Socrative apps are available for iOS, Android, and ChromeOS. Socrative students can download the apps and access their accounts on smartphones or devices running on ChromeOS.

Socrative student download:

We are sharing the links to the official mobile apps below. Just click the link and install the app or students can also search for the app on the App Store, Play Store, or Chrome Store.

PlatformDownload linkVersion
AndroidClick here4.6.2
iOSClick here4.6.2
ChromeOSClick here2.1

How to log in to the student account?

  • Open the app on your device.
  • On the student login page, enter the security code given by your teacher and join your class.

How to download the Socrative student app for Windows?

Please click the below link to download the Socrative Student app on your PC free of cost.

How to log in as a teacher?

Teachers can also log in on the Socrative platform and create interactive quizzes very easily. To log in, teachers must have a registered Socrative account.

  • Visit the Official Socrative website at
  • Click the Login link then click the Teacher Login button.
  • Enter your registered email address and password.
  • Click the Sign In button.

What is the Socrative Join Code and How to Join Quizzes?

Join Code is a security code that a teacher provides to students and students use that code to join their quiz classes. Students can join their classes directly without creating any account. If a teacher has an account on the Socrative platform then the teacher can create interactive quiz-based assignments and share the class join code with the students.

How do students answer Socrative Quizzes?

First of all, students can log in to their accounts by using the QR code given by the teacher, using the Room Name, by clicking the Room URL, etc. Whatever method students use, students do not need to register an account.

Once students join the Room, student can participate in all class activities such as Quizzes, polls, etc.

Students can check the latest post in their assignments and Tap on it to start the quiz. Once students finish their quiz, they can click the Close button.

Student Helpline

In case of any type of issue, please contact your teacher.


Socrative offers both free and pro versions. A free version is available for all students and teachers with some restrictions and limits as mentioned below. The free version offers a single room and the pro version offers up to 20 rooms. In the pro version, you can have 200 students in all 20 rooms.

The Socrative free plan is a good start to access and analyze Socrative features and their effectiveness. Once you are satisfied with the product, you can buy Socrative PRO for K–12 for USD 89.99/year and Socrative PRO for Higher Ed & Corporate for USD 179.99/year.


Name of the portalSocrative Student Portal
Offered byShowbie Inc.
Product nameSocrative
Product typeSoftware as a Service (SaaS)
Developed forAll institutions having a Socrative license
Access modeOnline
PurposeTo provide interactive and engaging quiz-based assignment and evaluation platform
BeneficiaryAll students who have a Join code

Socrative is an innovative way to improve students learning and help them to participate in activities through engaging classes and assignments. The students must engage and participate in classes and Socrative tools have made this very easy for teachers.

It also offers teachers instant feedback, data, and valuable reports that teachers can use to improve their teaching methods. Socrative enhances student learning with engaging tools. Provides teachers with instant feedback and valuable reports for improved teaching methods.

Key Takeaways:

  • Socrative is an interactive assessment tool for engaging quizzes and assignments. Founded in 2010, operating globally with 3 million users.
  • Students join quizzes using teacher-provided Quiz join codes. No need for student account creation; simple login process.
  • Socrative apps are available on iOS, Android, and ChromeOS and offer convenient access to quizzes on various devices.
  • Teachers log in to create interactive quizzes, polls, and questions. Teacher login involves a registered Socrative account.
  • Join Code, provided by teachers, enables students to join quizzes. Students can answer quizzes without registering an account.
  • The student helpline recommends contacting teachers for issues.
  • Socrative offers free and pro versions, with pro supporting up to 20 rooms and 200 students.

Finally, thanks for reading this article. We have tried to share most of the information such as how to log in as a student and teacher. Please share your views about this article in the comment section below.

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