Manav Sampada Uttar Pradesh portal: Check all details

Check everything you need to know about the Manav Sampada Uttar Pradesh portal on this page.

After the implementation of the ehrms portal at the central level, the Uttar Pradesh government has come up with a new portal that is Manav Sampada Uttar Pradesh. This portal has been made by modifying the ehrms portal and includes some services that are required by the government employees of the Uttar Pradesh state.

Now all employees can take the full benefits of this new portal. All employees from the Uttar Pradesh basic education department can use the Manav Sampada online leave facility to apply for leave online through this portal.

हिंदी में पढ़ें, मानव संपदा उत्तर प्रदेश

There are many facilities available now which are listed below.

  • Now all employees can use the online leave and tour module which is a very time saving method as compare to the physical application.
  • All employees can check their service book online after the login.
  • Employees will get different types of reports such as Transfer, posting, etc. All MIS reports are available on the employees dashboard page.
  • Employees can asubmit the attendance data also through the portal.

How to register on the Manav Sampada UP portal?

While there are a lot of facilities available on the portal but a user can access those services only after the login. To log in employees must register on the portal and must have an ehrms ID and password.

If you have not registered on the portal then you may reach to your DDO who will manage the task to add new employees of their department on the Manav Sampada portal. He will add your details and provide you a new Manav Sampada ID and password which you can use for login purposes.

How to log in?

After getting your eHRMS ID and password from the DDO you can now use the login facility available on the portal. Please check the below steps to log in.

1- First of all please open the official website at ehrms upsdc gov in.

2- After opening the homepage of the official website click the login link located at the top side. You will be redirected to an official login page.

manav sampada up login

3- Now you will have to enter your user id and password which you got from your DDO. Also, select the department from the drop-down menu.

4- After filling in all required details click the login button. You have successfully entered the system and will see your employee dashboard page.

What if you forgot your password?

Sometimes employees forget their password and are not able to log in to the portal. In this case, a password reset facility is also available on the official portal.

1- Open the login page as you did in the last step.

2- On the login page click the Forgot password option. A new password reset form will appear on the computer screen.

manav sampada up password reset page

3- Now to reset your password you will have to select your department and enter your eHRMS ID. After that select any one option from Email and SMS to recover your password.

4- You will get your password on your Email ID or through an SMS.

5- After retrieving your password you can again log in to the portal.

What if you forget your HRMS code?

Sometimes employees forget their HRMS code also which is required to log in on the portal. Employees can recover their HRMS code also from the official Manav Sampada portal.

1- Open the official portal at You will find a public window section on the homepage.

2- Now click the Search HRMS code link located under the public window section on the Manav Sampada homepage.

3- You will be redirected to a new search form where you can find the HRMS code. You will get two options to search your HRMS code

i- Search HRMS code by Mobile:

Select this option and enter your Mobile number which is registered on the eHRMS UP portal. After that click the Submit button. You will see your HRMS code on the screen.

search HRMS code by mobile

i- Search HRMS code by Posting office:

Select this option and again select your Department, Organization, Posting district, Reporting office, Designation. Finally, click the Submit button. You will see HRMS codes of all employees working with the same designation. You can now find your HRMS code.

search HRMS code by posting office

Important online modules

After the login employees will have access to the important modules available under the eHRMS portal.

  • Transfer/Posting – This module is available for the data entry and DDO login where they can use the transfer and posting facility available on their user dashboard page.
  • Leave Management – Employee with authentic employee code/password can submit apply for leaves to their reporting officer and the reporting officer will approve/reject/cancel the leaves directly through the application.
  • ACR Module – modified the ACR format and process of employee assessment in the 0-10 scale. Role based work flow process for ACR submission and their assessment by reporting and reviewing officers. MS based dissemination of ACR status to employee.
  • eFiling of Annual Property Return – Each employee with authentic employee code/password can submit their APR for previous and current year. The information related to employee APR directly available on the portal. Year wise detail of employee APR is available for citizen and to Government at each level.

How to find latest Transfer orders?

Information about the latest transfers is regularly uploaded on the portal and all employees can find the information through the official portal. Please check the steps given below.

1- Open the official website and click the Published transfer orders link in the top menu. A new page will appear on the screen (as shown below)

manav sampada transfer order details

2- On this page, you can see the latest orders issued by the different departments. You can also download the orders on your device.

Also check Manav Sampada portal apply online leave

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