MLH Mychart login: Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Patient Portal

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (MLH) has announced a partnership with the EPIC to use its digital Electronic Health Record system Mychart to manage its patients.

It’s a multi-year implementation agreement between both parties. Once the implementation completes, patients will be able to use the award-winning Mychart portal a patient portal developed by the EPIC.

How to login to MLH Mychart?

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare Mychart will be implemented by EPIC and will take some time to become fully functional.

After the implementation, patients will be able to access their medical records. In the meantime, patients can use the existing system to access and manage their patient portals.

Current patient portal

Currently, all patients taking care at any clinical care facility of Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare can log in to the existing patient portal managed by Cerner Health. Patients can follow the below steps to log in to their accounts.

Step 1: Visit the Patient portal web page on the Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare website at

Step 2: Enter your provider name in the search form and click the best result from the auto-populated search suggestions. You will be redirected to the Cerner Patient Portal login page.

Patients can also visit the login page directly at

Step 3: Now patients can log in to their account using their Email address, user name, and password. Press the Sign In button after entering login credentials and access your patient portal dashboard page.

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What if the patient forgot the password?

If a patient gets the wrong password error, then a password reset facility is available that patients can use to reset the password. Patients can follow The below steps to create a new password.

  1. Visit your patient portal by following the steps.
  2. Now click the forward password link available on the login form.
  3. Now enter the username or Email address associated with your patient portal.
  4. Complete the capture verification and press the next button.
  5. Patients will soon receive an email including a password reset link.
  6. Now just click the link and create a new password.

How to enroll in the current my methodist patient portal?

If you are 18 years old then you can complete your Self-enrollment at Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (MLH). Please visit the above web page and complete your registration process. You will have to provide your social security number and valid and working email address during the enrollment process.

If you receive an invitation email including the access code to create a new account then you can use that code and the link given in the email to create a new account instantly.

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Currently, patients get assistance from the below-mentioned helpline details related to their current patient portal.

Email: [email protected].

Phone number: 877-621-8014 (24/7).

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What after the implementation of Methodist Le Bonheur Mychart?

After the implementation of the MLH Mychart, the patient will access the new method portal. Patients will be able to take the advantage of my chart services as mentioned below.

Communicate with your provider:
Patients can communicate with their providers quickly and effectively through my chart portal. They can send a message to their provider and get necessary assistance whenever required.

Request refill:
Patients will be able to send requests for a prescription refill if they are taking the old prescription for a long time. It will be done very quickly and conveniently through them my chart portal.

Book an appointment:
Patients can book an appointment with their provider through my chat portal. My chart portal also provides the facility for live video consultations from their provider. Patients can book a video appointment and get the required care.

View lab test result:
My chart also offers the functionality to view the left test result. Patients can log in to their my chart account and access the test result in the next day.

There are a lot of other features available in my chart and patients take full advantage of these features to get better care from Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare.

For more information on this partnership between Methodist Le Bonheur health care and EPIC, please visit this webpage

Epic is a digital health record company that provides state of an art digital platform for patients. Patients get access to the necessary Healthcare services from their providers and manage their care through this self-service platform.

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